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Chitrakoot,Shivani Amman
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The formation of Shakti Peetham Chitrakoot is really sacred as the right breast of Mata Sati fell down at this place. According to those who have other opinions, the Nala of the Goddess has fallen down at this particular place.
When Lord Rama performed his father’s Shraddha ceremony, all the deities and deities came to Chitrakuta to participate in the shuddhi (i.e. the feast given to all relatives and friends on the thirteenth day of the family’s death).
The first reference to Chitrakoot is in the Valmiki Ramayana. Mahakavi Kalidasa describes Chitrakuta as Ramagiri because of his devotion to Rama. It is said that Rama had a darshan at the Hindi monk-poet Tulsidas Chitrakoot…

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