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Bhadrakali Amman
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Bhadrakali is primarily worshiped in 4 forms: Darukajit (slayer of the demon Tarika), Dakshajit (the slayer of Daksha), Rurujit (the slayer of the demon Ruru) and Mahishajit (the slayer of Mahishasura).Shri Ganapathi Shastri passed away on November 11, 2011 at the age of 113 in Warangal. He had two sons and three daughters. He was the temple trustee of Bhadrakali at the time of his death. The temple and the people of Warangal have lost a great man who built the temple alone. His son Shri P. Seshagiri Rao accepted the temple affairs as the Chief Priest a few years ago…

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