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Believe Me! – Shirdi Sai Baba

Have faith in Shirdi Soil

To qualify himself for the grace of Baba. We must cultivate the virtue of simplicity and purity.

He must cling to Baba to achieve his goal with truth and faith. All he has to do is take ‘one step’. Baba will take care of the rest. There is no need to experience all the unnecessary hardship. As far as I am concerned there is no point in simply talking about wisdom and zeal. We must adhere to both in what we enjoy, what we give up, and what makes us happy. But a lot of people just stand by and talk.

Om Shirdi! Om Sai Ram!!

It takes wisdom and zeal to say what you want and to do what you say.

Baba would go often, I was in the dog, the pig all over. I know their feelings. And know how they are conducted. That is, man is proud to realize that God exists in every living thing and to treat them properly.

Once I was able to feel the glory of Baba. People all say Baba is God. But Baba is a man. I said there is a limit to his power. Others disagree and say this is my opinion. Not only that but when Sri Krishna was in Dwarka, its population was said to be six crores. How is that? The current population of India is 33 crores. I refused to believe that India was the most populous country in the world

Immediately the others said, “Let’s go to Baba and agree if he says so.” I also agreed. I went to Baba. Madhava Rao and others will ask Baba.

Devotees: Baba, are the Puranas true?

Baba: Yes, they are real.

Devotees: Tell us about Sri Rama, Sri Krishna

Baba: They are incarnate Purushas.

Devotees: This narcissist does not agree with that. You say there is no God.

Baba: Norge is right. But I am your father. So, you can’t talk like this. You can get all the benefits from me

Baba is God. He is God to all His devotees, but did He add great wealth by keeping it? Did he claim to be above all else? He acted within a limit of anything. Never went outside of community development. Submissive to it. Did not violate the law of this country.

His style and demeanor were all excellent. Women were greatly respected. Baba has never heard me say that I am God. But often God is the boss and God blesses. I am a slave of the gods. I always think of God.

Baba is a pure bachelor and he will betray the eyes. During the day only a few women would catch his leg below the knee

He is non-discriminatory. The difference between rich and poor is indescribable. He is indifferent to knowing their instincts when some rich people come. At the same time, he said that they were blessed to see some poor people.

But it is because of his vision that he will not let those who sin again and again suffer. The baby growing across the uterus should be cut off.

Baba will act boldly in some matters and in some men. This will show his resolute vision

Baba will buy Alva from Alva shopkeeper for hairdressing. In 1916 the shopkeeper died of plague. Baba sent me and told me to come and buy Alva. I also went to the shopkeeper’s wife, who showed her husband’s body and asked him to take it from the cupboard.

“If Narke is in a saree you will die. That’s it! Whoever is destined to die will do so.”

Baba was the one who gave me courage even when I was suffering from cholera. Some leprous devotees would grab Baba’s feet. One of them has recovered. He took a cloth from the cloth and told a leper to offer it as an offering. The patient said place in the mouth of the devotees. But no one has ever had any difficulty.

Do not interfere

Though spiritual, a third person should not interfere in the matter, even in worldly life. It will kill our lives. Praying for the next person to be well, taking him to the next temple and helping him to make spiritual progress, and making way for him to get relief from the hardships are all optimal. But when he has the right to do this, it is wrong for him to interfere in the matter, thinking that we have the right to do so. This is the situation of the woman who went to Baba Master and was caught unawares

To say that he and I are one is applicable to speech and not to reality until surrender is achieved. The mother and child are called gas and the stomach is different. He is the one who has to bear the karma. No one other than Satguru can buy and carry it and know all this.

Baba Master is different. If someone goes to the trouble, he will say to the person on the side, ‘Give him what you have and help him’ in a single line.

Similarly, if anyone had handed over the bag to Andamma without speaking, five lakh rupees would have gone. Does it matter if it is our money, office money, or even work?

If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. The fear of Baba destroying us for this will continue. Even if the issue comes up as an icon, that’s why it’s disturbing the peace of mind to doubt that Baba is testing

So, don’t get caught up in the pain. His servant will test you just as Baba tests the devotee.

Nandi is placed between the Lord and us, to avoid giving and receiving, giving, asking, and asking for the sign of others, while giving the next one. They said not to cross and bow.

So, kids!

Go to the servant to buy greetings and go to give. Give without saying give. How not to get caught voting

God will begin to test us as we see if we do not give the tyrant to give.

Defend yourself from being tempted and tempted. May the grace of Baba live you from perfection.

Jai Sairam.

You take two steps and come to me!

Om Sri Sai Natha!

Danger Arutperuncutare! I have taken refuge in your Thiruvati. Have mercy on me, Lord! Dissolutions of the Sea of ​​Mercy!

Sainathan, who is indelibly imprinted in form and form, give me your hands to wipe away my tears. Take two steps and come to me! Lord, I will take eight steps and come to you! Wait and see, I’m going to ask you about your feet, please!

A flood of joy that shows the limitless amount of miracles! The home of his devotees will never be lacking. Karunamoorthy who shows that there is no need for what is needed! May your flood of mercy always be my prayers! Will not a drop of your mercy fall on me? I regret the land looking for that sky drop! Show up wide! Stand as a witness and tell the truth, Satguru!

Will there be an answer for me in Sai’s voice in the book Sai Darshan? Maybe I have any answers to the ecstasies of devotees who write about experiences and miracles? In the guise of our Guru Sai Baba Arunachalam Aiya, the Guru of our Sai Temple, can I find any solution in his advice? Am I going to suffer all day long looking for any of your voices to sound for me somewhere?

Will you say a word to remove me and my sorrow that will perish in your image that sees, your name that sounds and your name that sounds and your wonder that sees !!

I have always tied my debt to the drink and the food I eat in the form of grace! Your hand is a flood of joy for me do not show danger! Read the history of Sat and enjoy the secret of Sai’s grace. Amazing Sai Nathare! Do you ever think of any of your bags that only worship you every day? Can’t your Lord be like honey?

O God of the eyes, who only hears patience and hope as a gift! Great guy who tests my patience! How many days does it take for me to become a part of your faith?

It is a great mercy to bless the devotees every day without shame! Have only the insults in my life been hidden from your sight? Is there anything wrong with you in my worship?

Show mercy! I thought of your vision in my life too, Shirdi Natha!

Bless everyone to be comfort and joy!

Wait for me to surrender to your footsteps everyday, everyday and always for one of your wonderful clothes Arutperun flame! The lamp of bliss! Amazing light! Shri Sai Nath! Shirdi Nath!!

I Worship! Praise! Surrender! At your Holy Golden Foot! 

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!

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