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Banaskantha,Ambaji Temple
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Legend has it that it was built on a hill called Kabar Hilllock
Ambu Mata or Thai Devi is a popular religious destination for Hindu pilgrims. The temple has been worshiped since pre-Vedic times and is popularly known as Devi Arasur Ni Ambe Ma as it is located on the top of the Aravalli Hills.Historically, there has never been a statue or image of the deity, although resident priests painted the interior of the roof in such a way as to depict a slender figure of thegoddess.Adequate precautions have been taken to ensure that the machine can be worshiped, but not photographed. Devotees are also asked to cover their eyes with white cloth before worshiping the machine.History has it that the Ambaji Temple has a strong Tantric past and is associated with the famous and revered Ten Tantrics…

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