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Baidyanath Jyotirlinga

Baidyanath dham is one of Shiva ‘s 12 most sacred abodes, the twelve Jyotirlingas. It is situated in Jharkhand, India, at Deoghar. The temple complex consists of the main temple and 21 other temples. According to Hindu scriptures, Shiva was worshipped by the demon Kind Ravana at the present temple site to receive the boons he later used to wreak havoc in the world. Ravana offered one head to his ten,

Pleased with this, Shiva got off to heal the wounded Ravana. He is referred to as Vaidhya (“doctor”), because he worked as a doctor. The temple derives its name from this aspect of Shiva.

According to the Shiv Purana, Ravana felt that only if Shiv resided there would his capital be great and secure. As a consequence he began to pray to the Lord. Lord Shiva, fascinated by his devotion, gave Ravana a Shiva Lingam and ordered him to take her to Lanka with him.

However, if Ravana were to stop somewhere on the way and put down the lingam, it would get fixed on that spot forever. Ravana was exceedingly pleased that the lingam would secure his capital and chose not to put down the lingam anywhere.

The other gods objected, however, as if Ravana had to get the lingam in Lanka, he would become invincible and could cause havoc in the world.
Ravana wanted to perform the sandya-vandana on his way back from Mount Kailash which he could not do with the lingam in one hand.

He started looking for someone nearby who would be able to keep the lingam for him. Appearing, dressed as a shepherd, Ganesh offered to keep the lingam. He however warned Ravana that he would leave the lingam on the ground and leave if the latter took a significant amount of time to get back.

Ravana agreed and left for his Sandya-Vandana. Ganesh claimed to be vexed with his delay in returning, and left the lingam on the deck. When Ravan returned he saw the lingam on the ground and was unable to move it again, despite his best efforts.
He left without the lingam, for Lanka. The gods were satisfied that the Shiva linga did not reach Lanka, and that Ravana could not ruin the world.

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