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Vedagiriswarar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located in Tirukalukundram, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Moolavar : Veda Giriswarar,Bhaktavatsaleswarar
  • Amman / Thayar : Tiripura Sundari.
  • Thala Virutcham : Plantain
  • Theertham : Shangu Theetham
  • Old year : 1000-2000 years old
  • Historical Name : Kazhukundram
  • Location: Thirukalukundram, Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu

Thirukalukundram is one of Tamilnadu’s most popular pilgrim centres, renowned for its Temple of Hills ad Sangu Theertham. It is named after the sacred Eagles, who visit South India’s Kaliash and Pakshi Theertham Hill Temple every midday.
The four great tamil saints prasied Sri Vedagiriswarar, the Lord of the Temple of Hill, in song and verse.

Pattinathar, Sri Arunagirinathar, Sri Ramalinga Vallalar, Chidhambara Swamigal and Anthagakavi Veeraragava Mudaliar are other saints who have immortalised the magnanimity of the presiding deity in marvellous verse.
At the peak of the Hills lives Lord Sri Vedagiriswarar. The Four Hills-nothing but a grouping of the Four Vedas-were asking the Lord to be on top. This is what is traditional

This Lord was workshoped by Indra, Thilothamai, a court dancer from Indra. Garuda, Lord Vishnu’s boat, Ashtavasus and loads of Rudras.
Indira is believed to continue to worship Lord in this temple. The thunder falls through a hole in the tower above the sanctum sanctorum (Vimana) and goes around the Shivalinga as evidence of this fact. Unbearable heat is felt

Kazhugu in Tamil means the hill eagle and kundram, hence the place name Tiru Kazhu Kundram. Even today two eagles are visiting the temple every day to embrace the rice they are being given. This is the place where Lord Saint Sundarar received gold. The Vedas are in this hill shape.
Crores of Rudras and Siddhas did penance and got salvation here. The climate is so good for those who wish

King Suraguru got darshan from Lord. Sage Markandeya blessed by Lord of Kasi (now Varanasi) came to this place and performed abysshek to Lord when a conch appeared in the water of Abyshek. This theertha lauded as Markandeya theertha also now produces a conch once in 12 years. Around the hill there are 12 theerthas-sacred springs named .

In Meignana, 2) Shambu, 3) Rudra, 4) Vasishta, 5) True Wisdom. (6) Agasthya, (7) Markandeya, (8) Kausika, (9) Nandhi, (10) Varuna, (11) and (12) Akalika.
Two sages, Poosha and Vruddha, performed penance on Lord Shiva ‘s search for Sharoopa status. Lord modified their demand and gave Sayujya status, and later promised an elevation to Sharoopa. The sages refused the offer and were outspoken

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