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Shirdi's Shri Sai Baba was unique in the way that he lived his message in the being's heart.
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Once all people in Masjid which is a house of Sai Baba will be swallowed by the flames from the fire that came from Dhuni he made himself. But Sai calmly made some swinging blow before the wooden pillar. The fire flames became less intense in every single blow Sai made and the fire disappeared. The devotees exclaimed “Miraculous”. Sai was mostly seen by the people while he is stirring some ingredient on fire in the kitchen with Sai’s bare hands without using a ladle. But people never saw his hand with fire burns. They were surprised by his supernatural powers. There is another occasion that happened when Sai Baba and three devotees were eating their food, and suddenly Baba exclaimed “Stop”. After that Sai continued eating as nothing happened, all four finished their meal. When everyone went outside the Masjid, finishing their meal large piece of ceiling block fell, where they were eating lunch. The devotees are surprised to see the power of Sai even on non-living things. These occurrences were said by Sai’s devotees when Sai stopped the rain and wind. 

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