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Anbil Sathyavaheesvarar temple - Lalgudi , Trichy ,Tamil Nadu(276 Shiva Sthalangal)

Sathyavageeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, in the village of Anbil nearby Lalgudi City, in the Tamilnadu District of Trichy. The place is also known as Anbilalanturai and is situated in The banks of River Kollidam.

  • Moolavar : Satyavakeeswarar
  • Amman / Thayar : Soundarya Nayaki
  • Thala Virutcham : Banyan tree
  • Theertham : Gayatri Theertham
  • Old year : 1000-2000 years old
  • Historical Name : Anbilandurai
  • Location : Anbil,Thiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu.

The temple has an outer prakaram (outer courtyard) and a Nandavanam (flower garden) with a 5-tier Rajagopuram. The temple walls contain lots of inscriptions showing Chola architecture.

The temple is said to have been built during the 9th century by Parantaka Chola I. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity known as Sathya Vageeswarar / Brahmapureeswarar / Alanduraiyar and his consort Goddess Soundaranayagi faces east.

The temple was revered by Appar and Sambandhar in their verses in Devaram. This Temple is considered to be the 111th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and the 57th Sthalam at Chozha Nadu on the northern side of River Cauvery.

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