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things you should know about Shirdi
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Physical and mental sufferings have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. If you are a spiritual seeker or planning to take a break from your routine, then there are lots of tourist spots in India that will refresh your mind and give you maximum relaxation.

One such pilgrimage tourist spot which attracts maximum pilgrims and devotees from all corners of the world is Shirdi.

This is a small village which is located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, and almost all the tourists, pilgrims, and religious-minded people flock to Saibaba temple for offering prayers to him. 

It is imperative to note that the Shirdi Saibaba temple which is located in the heart of Shirdi village sees approximately 50000 visitors a day. During peak and festive seasons, the visitors count increases to 100000.

The expansive temple hall can easily accommodate 600 to 800 people. 

The crowd strength increases exponentially during Gurupoornima, Sri Ramanavami, and Dussehra since the temple authorities arrange special poojas, music festivals, and other such religious events during these auspicious days. 

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Baba’s ardent devotees believe that he is a reincarnation of Lord Dattatreya. But there is also a popular belief that he is a god sent a messenger to the earth. 

Saibaba’s devotees’ throng inside the Sai Mandir to get watch early morning aarathi. People believe that baba bestows his blessings to the visitors and devotees during such times.

Listed below are five important things that you should know above the Shirdi temple. 

Best season to visit Shirdi

Tirumala Tirupati temple, Lord Ayyappa temple, and Shirdi sai temple are some of the holy places that attract millions of visitors throughout the year. You can visit Shirdi either alone or with your family during December, January, and February since other seasons are hot and humid. 

M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism which has decades of experience in tourist operations arranges tourist cabs for all the tourists throughout the year and makes their trip comfortable.

Temple timings

The temple opens exactly at 5.00 AM and remains open till 10 PM. You have to buy a ticket which may cost you around INR 30 from the temple counter and enter the temple complex before 4.45 AM so that you can enjoy the sai darshan hassle-free. 

The prasadams like Udi (wooden ashes) and sweets will be distributed inside the Sanctorum. 

Believe Me! – Shirdi Sai Baba
Believe Me! – Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Samadhi darshan

Sai samadhi is also situated inside the temple complex where you can sit comfortably near the tomb and do meditation for a few hours before exiting from it. You will like the aura and the peace prevailing within the temple precincts and come out from the place with complete mental solace. 

Tourist resorts and lodges

When it comes to Shirdi there is plenty of luxury and star-rated hotels where you can stay for a few days before relocating to other places. 

You can get details like hotel booking and lodging information when you approach M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism which offers the best services to all the clients. 

Local auto services

Once you alight in Shirdi railway station, you can hire one of the local autos and reach Shirdi temple quickly. You can also book reputed taxi services like Ola, Uber, and so on after exiting from the station. 

Tourists can also use a govt a/c bus that operates regularly from the airport to the main temple. The buses that depart from the airport will charge reasonable fares of INR 60. 

Customers that use tourist cabs of M/s Rengha Holidays will benefit a lot since they need not book separate taxis or autos after alighting in Shirdi. 

Who is Shirdi Saibaba?

Shirdi Saibaba is a godman who was born in the year 1838 in Pathri and died during 1918. He has spent most of his life in Shirdi and helped his devotees a lot. People living in Shirdi offer

prayer daily before doing other regular activities. 

It is believed that Shirdi Saibaba was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and devotees irrespective of caste, creeds, beliefs, and faith assemble inside the Shirdi temple and offer prayer to him. Mahalsthapathi a priest in Kandhoba temple in Pune was the one who named this fakir as Shirdi Saibaba. 

It is believed that whoever visits his temple will be liberated from life and death. You can also experience lots of miracles when you visit this temple.

You can utilize guided tours offered by M/s Rengha Tourism. The customer support will suggest all the tour packages which you can choose. 

People who believe Shirdi Saibaba will gain good health and wealth and prosper in their life quickly. 

You can take your family members to nearby temples in shirdi like Khandoba, Shani

shinganapur, gurusthan, and trimbhankeshwar after visiting baba temple. You will recover from both physical and psychological suffering when you stay and worship in the sai temple. 

Lendi Baug is an expansive garden inside the sai temple where you can see plenty of ornamental plants that were planted to Shirdi Saibaba himself.

Strolling inside the temple complex and lendi baug garden will be a delightful experience that will linger in your mind forever.

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