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10 reasons why tourists should choose shirdi
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Sainagar which is in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra is one of the most visited spiritual destinations in India since Shirdi Sai, a 20th-century mystic, philosopher and fakir lived in this village for several decades before he left behind his the mortal soul.
Millions of ardent devotees of Shirdi Sai from all over the world visit this small village to offer prayers to shirda sai before visiting other tourist destinations. Sitting and meditating inside the sanctorum of sai temple will be a mesmerizing experience for tourists.
Devotional songs and music played inside the temple premises will take your mind to sublime state. You have to stand in the queue for several minutes for getting Saidarshan. But it is a worth a wait and plenty of devotees assemble inside the sanctum sanctorum for the darshan.
It is imperative to note that Shirdi Saibaba has done infinite number of miracles when he lived in Shirdi. Hundreds of villagers who lived an impoverished life in shirdi emancipated and started seeing positive sides of life only after Baba came to this village.

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

Functions like Guru Poornima is celebrated with pomp and splendor everywhere in Shirdi Saibaba Temple and plenty of locales assemble within the precincts of Saibaba temple to witness the special pooja and celebration.
If you are planning a pilgrimage tour to Maharashtra shortly, then you should hire reputed tourist operators who charge nominally. You should sit and explore the tour packages thoroughly before taking the next decision.

Visiting Sainagar Shirdi will linger in the mind for years

Pilgrims and group of tourists who are longing to visit Sainagar should check the fares from chennai to shirdi, if they are planning to travel by Air or Train. It is worth noting that Airfares are high during festival times and it is better if you book your air or train tickets few months before the time of departure.
Small families will benefit when they hire car rentals from reputed tour operators in Chennai. Plenty of tourist cars from Theni, Kambum, and Dindigul departs in the wee hours and reaches Shirdi on the same night.
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International and national tourists who are touring in Tamil Nadu or any other southern states can approach these reliable tourist operators during business hours and engage their services immediately.
M/s Rengha Holidays is a well-known tourist operator in Theni and nearby places. You can get pilgrimage tour information when you click that particular category. You can also book international tourism packages through their website and travel throughout the world with your family during vacation.
Touring with the family will be an exhilarating experience
When it comes to Shirdi there are plenty of tourist attractions that will keep you busy throughout the day. Listed below are the places of interest that plenty of local and international tourists visit.
Dixit Wada museum
Tourists who visit this holy museum can see all the clothes, articles, and items used by Shirdi Saibaba when he lived in this village. It will truly be a delight entering this museum and taking stock of baba’s clothes.
Sai Srinath Art Gallery and Wax Museum
You can see life-size wax statues of baba which will be a great joy. The entry ticket for this museum is fixed at INR 30 which is subject to change. Children and kids will love this museum and also all the statutes displayed inside it.
Babaji temple is very close to his samadhi. Before the temple was constructed dedicating it to Shirdi baba it was an old mosque which was in dilapidated condition. You will get that peace and relaxation when you walk inside this divine temple.

Shirdi sai heritage village

Sai Heritage village is a beautiful manmade village which is dedicated for shirdi baba. You can see varieties of statues of baba and folklore dancers who lived when baba was alive. Visiting this place will be a rejuvenating experience.

Marvelous Shirdi Sai samadhi mandir.

This is a divine and peaceful samadhi mandir of Saibaba. All your prayers will be answered when you sit and pray near his tomb which was constructed when baba left behind his immortal soul. Pilgrims who enter his samadhi will be relieved from sins, sorrows and pains.
Shri Saibaba Chavadi
This is a place where baba lived for few years. Now it is used as a market place where plenty of tax collection activities takes place.
Khandoba temple
This is also a famous temple in Pune which is located near to shirdi. You can visit this temple during visiting hours and pray the presiding deity before leaving the temple. Baba used to come to this temple regularly and pray in front of the lord before leaving.
Amruteshar temple
This temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the most visiting holy places near Shirdi. It is just 115 kms from Shirdi and your tourist operator will take you to this place where you can have darshan before leaving the place.
Lendi baug
This is where shirdi Saibaba planted plenty of ornamental plants and watered it daily. Visiting this garden will give you maximum mental satisfaction. You can walk inside the garden and do meditation before leaving it.
House of Laxmibai shindig
It is believed that Laxmibai was a close devotee of shirdi sai baba and when she was alive used to go and meet baba daily before starting her routines.
Car rentals and online tourism booking has started with a bang and you can visit shirdi immediately with your parents and children and get the blessings of shirdi sai. You can get maximum information about shirdi mandir and tour when you get in touch with M/s Rengha Holidays.

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